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Headshots Packages

At R. Stefan's photography, he would use his creative insights with creative lighting which will result in a high-quality Headshots.

Package range from Best for Professional, Best for Actors to the VIP Package. The headshots from the various packages can be use ranging from corporate, social media, singing, dancing and for acting. You will be able to post the photos from any of the packages once you receive the final product.

Choose Your Package

For those that don't have a lot of time, our Basic Package will fit perfectly into your busy schedule. If you're trying to update your website, portfolio, or business card, our Professional Package is what you're looking for. If you want to land the part, show off all your good sides our Actor's Package is the one for you. We all need to treat ourselves and there's no better way than to pamper yourself than our VIP which is the ultimate package. 


Best For Professionals

Do you take your career seriously? Then you need to capture your client’s attention from the first moment. A professionally taken headshot is an investment in your personal brand. We’ll help you in posing, choosing the best backdrop color and lighting to get the best shot possible, which you can use for a variety of purposes.

2 Hours

10 Final Retouched Photos

2 Background Color

Hi-Resolution For Print

Low-Resolution For Online

Full Usage Rights



Best For Actors

Are you an aspiring actor? In such a competitive industry, it is crucial to have capturing shots. Casting directors spending most days and nights flipping through hundreds of headshots, so it is really important that your headshot stand out from the rest, capture your personality and make a lasting impression.

3 Hours

15 Final Retouched Photos

3 Background Colors

Hi-Resolution For Print

Low-Resolution For Online

Full Usage Rights


VIP Package


This package is made to treat yourself in the best way possible. It will provide you with pictures for any use (i.e.: business, social media, acting). With a professional photographer that specializes in headshots that will help you in posing choose the best backdrop/background and lighting to get the best shot possible that represents you. It will show your professionalism and unique personality in the right way, showing yourself as a professionally oriented person, capturing your personality with a lasting impression.

4 Hours

16 Final Retouched Photos

2 Background Colors

Hi-Resolution For Print

Low-Resolution For Online

Full Usage Rights


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